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What exactly should compensation cover?

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2023 | Personal Injury |

A motor vehicle accident has numerous consequences. Some are obvious from the moment the crash happened, but others may come as a surprise later.

Legally speaking, damages are usually divided into two major categories: economic and non-economic.

Economic damages

These are usually the ones that can be seen and quantified in a clear way.

They generally include medical expenses, car repairs and lost wages. It’s important to clarify that by “medical expenses” we don’t only refer to care immediately after the accident or provided by a doctor. This category should include on-going treatments, medications, physical or cognitive therapy if needed, in-home services (even if they are not medical) and accessories like wheelchairs.

Also, in order to determine a compensation for the “lost wages” category, not only the victim’s salary is taken into account, but also other factors such as his/her age, ability to work, experience, skills and life expectancy.

Non-economic damages

These are usually more subjective and often harder to prove or quantify. These damages are referred to as pain and suffering and involve issues like anxiety, stress, anguish, loss of enjoyment or even disfigurement.

Other important notes

It’s imperative that if you suffered an accident, you start the process to seek compensation as soon as possible. Victims in Georgia have two years to file a personal injury claim from the moment the accident took place.

There’s no limit to the amount a victim can seek for non-economic damages in Georgia, but this amount may be reduced if the victim is found partially at fault for the accident following our state’s modified comparative negligence rules.

Naturally, it’s not possible to provide an answer to our headline’s question that applies to every single case. Depending on the circumstances and severity of the accident, the monetary amount each victim receives will vary. However, the categories mentioned above tend to apply to all cases, so keep this in mind if you received an offer from an insurance company. Before accepting any settlement, be sure to have an attorney review it to make sure you are getting paid what you deserve.