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Steps to take after a motor vehicle collision

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2022 | Personal Injury |

A car accident could take the victims by surprise, leaving them disoriented. Those harmed in an accident in Georgia should seek immediate medical care because some injuries may be life-threatening. Even those who do not show visible signs of harm may need to undergo an examination as a precaution. If possible, those who remain at the scene could take several steps to deal with the situation and its aftermath.

Actions to take after an auto accident

You should obtain the name, address and phone number of all parties involved. Be mindful that acquiring insurance information becomes necessary to file a claim. In instances where a driver commits a hit-and-run, giving chase is not advisable and may be dangerous. Photographing the car and its license plate with a smartphone and contacting the police would be the better action.

Calling the police and filing a report might be wise in all circumstances. The police report and any medical records may become helpful evidence at a civil trial.

Taking photographs of the accident scene and damage to the vehicles also provides evidence for a claim. Photographing the driver and passenger’s injuries may also be helpful.

More steps to take after a crash

Procuring eyewitness contact information may also help when filing insurance claims or a civil lawsuit after being in a motor vehicle collision. Eyewitnesses could provide testimony; sometimes, they may have photographic or video footage that may substantiate another driver’s negligence.

The statute of limitations must be complied with when filing personal injury claims. Therefore, starting the process as quickly as possible may be vital. Often, an insurance claim may provide a solution for those seeking compensation. Initiating an insurance claim with the appropriate provider without delays is advisable. Be aware that insurance companies may attempt a little settlement, which is why effective negotiations are beneficial.