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The 3 steps people should take after falling at a store

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2024 | Personal Injury |

A fall at a store can be a very embarrassing experience. People often try to get back on their feet and away from the scene of the incident as soon as possible due to their sense of humiliation. Simply trying to move on as quickly as possible isn’t necessarily the best response to a slip-and-fall when at a business. Sometimes, people realize hours later that they actually have a serious injury caused by a slip-and-fall. They may then require emergency medical support.

People who take the right steps after a slip-and-fall incident can better protect themselves from situations in which they might otherwise struggle to secure proper medical care and compensation.

What should someone do after falling at a business?

Document the cause of the fall

When someone slips or trips at a grocery store, there could be numerous hazards that lead to the incident. Perhaps there was a spill of loose product that led to someone losing their balance. Maybe there was a leak from the ceiling or from a refrigeration device that caused puddling on the floor. Perhaps there are issues with the floor itself. The business can address not only the immediate cause of the incident by mopping or sweeping, but it can also potentially address underlying causes, such as a leaky roof after someone falls. While taking those steps is beneficial, those actions make it more difficult for someone to prove what caused their injuries.

Report the issue to management

Businesses have to retain evidence, such as security camera footage, when they know an incident occurred on their premises. They also have to keep written documentation of scenarios like slip-and-falls. Creating an official paper trail may help someone who might need to access premises liability insurance in the future.

See a doctor

Some people have such serious injuries after slip-and-fall that it is obvious they require emergency medical attention. They may have a broken bone or clear signs of a brain injury. The sooner someone’s obtains a proper diagnosis after a slip-and-fall, the easier it is to clearly connect their injuries to the incident at the store. Their overall medical prognosis may be better as well. Particularly if someone is over the age of 55 or if they hit their head when they fell, they might have injuries that they could overlook at first.

Individuals who take the right steps after a slip-and-fall incident may be in a better position to seek any financial compensation that they’re rightfully due. Realizing that a slip-and-fall could cause a very expensive broken bone or brain injury might help people remember to act for their own protection after falling.